Video Interviews with Former Employees

Want to know what it is like working for Bank of America but don't want to just read the details about it? Would you prefer a video interview with a former employee rather than reading some testimonial?

Well, your wish comes true at:

Perhaps you were curious of the challenges people who work at Wal-Mart face?

Was it easy to apply and interview for a position at CVS Pharmacy?

Answers to questions like these and other questions and companies are again available via video interviews of former employees at:

As you watch these videos, you often discover the people who work at these well-known companies are just like you. It's also a lot easier for some to process all the info they are telling you when it is communicated through conversation rather than just text, so this website is truly one of a kind and worth checking out if you want a fresh new way to learn what it's like working at one of your favorite companies in a job you aspire to.

Hundreds of companies to choose from. Don't miss out, check it out!

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