Have you seen the below video?

If you have not, you should watch it.

I watched just a brief excerpt of it initially on Linkedin where acclaimed author Mel Robbins speaks of, previously, being unmotivated in life and basically "hitting the snooze button" on everything from dealing with troubled relationships to dealing with her money struggles and career.

I'm not going to give away all the tips and what not, but she calls it "the 5 Second Rule". It's also the title of her international best seller book. 

Watch this video, and it could change your life for the better over the long term (in terms of your career and so much more) if you take heed of at least some of her advice.


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  • Thank you for pointing this out William,

    I'll be extra careful in the videos I choose for the community.


  • Hello Marc
    please remember that most followers are elders, hearing can be an issue, the annoying music in this video kept me from following the valuable ideas in her talk, thank you for your consideration
  • Another good video on motivation.

    As it says "when we change the meaning, we change the molecules". When we "turn on the light" and become conscious of the situation at hand, be grateful...not stressed. Take responsibility for your situation and be grateful that you have the abilities to tackle it.

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