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So, I'm interested in Jeff Bezos professionally.

Isn't it amazing how he started as the founder and CEO of Amazon.com? Now look at how big Amazon.com is?

I personally shop on that website a lot these days...whereas I did not before. I know perhaps many of you don't shop on this website...but in my opinion, he has changed the way I shop for many goods and services.

When looking up old photos from the early days of Amazon.com, I found an image with Jeff on it that had an inspirational quote. Then I found more of these.

The above image is an example.

I ended up finding so many of these quotes for Jeff ...are found on the website QuoteSurf.com

Go to this website and type in the upper right hand side search box...the name of the person you want to find quotes of (e.g. Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Tony Robbins etc)...and chances are you will find quote images like the above example for your favorite person.

These quotes could change your career and life...if you put into action and take to heart the messaging within them. I hope you enjoy finding new words of advice on this fantastic website.

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