Free Training for Literacy/Reading Tutors

Earlier today I had someone write in asking if we have any training materials for people who want to be literacy/reading tutors.

I replied we did not have this type of training but there were plenty of online free resources on the subject.

One of them I came across was at the following link:

Notice the free workshop for 30 days option. Typically ReadingHorizons is not free. If you dig deeper on the website you'll notice that much of their training options are over $100. However, I was able to register fore the 30 day free trial and I must say their quality is fantastic.

The training comes with audio, animations and a lot of professionally done content.

Aside from Reading Horizons, other free online training opportunities for tutors were also discovered after a Google search and I'll list those below:

Anyway, do check out Reading Horizons if you're interested in literacy/reading tutor positions and if you can, complete their workshop for free within 30 days.

All the best,


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