Free Project Management Professional (PMP) Training

My jaw dropped. It literally did.

When I stumbled upon a website called:

When you get to this website, try not to be discouraged by what you see when you get there. Sure it says "Free Training" but the headline might also read "Online Source Cyber Security Learning". I'm not going to say there is something for everyone on this website but if you're at all interested in computers, networking, project management, etc for starters, this website has something for you. And it's ALL FREE!

Like, I paid some serious money a couple years back for Project Management Professional (PMP) training...and here it's free!

Anyway, there is a lot more on this website that I'll mention in this community in the coming weeks but, like I said, if you're interested in Information Technology and Project Management training that's free, definitely check this website out.

All video based learning, lessons organized by module. Nicely done. Just go to the website and join. Here's how they say training on their website works:

1. Join Cybrary.

2. Take any training class, 100% free, forever!

3. Engage in the Community to gain access to study guides, practice tests, and other resources to complement your training.

4. Claim your Certificate of Completion.

Seems easy enough. For the Project Management Professional training, the direct link for it is here:

Anyway, in future months, I'll delve into this site a bit more and highlight other subjects that are also free for us all.

Happy Learning!

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