Free Million Dollar [X] Playbook

Do you all watch TV? 

Perhaps, do you occasionally like to watch the so called "Reality TV"?

I'm talking about anything that can be categorized in the Reality TV genre. So "Real Housewives of..." wherever, "Survivor", "Big Brother", "Fear Factor" etc.

It's not terrible TV, right? Some shows might not be too good...I'll admit. Those bad shows don't last long.

However, those shows that have lasted many years, in my opinion, have something to them that make them watchable for many.

One of the reality shows that I like is called "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles".


It follows a number of successful real estate agents in the LA market; documenting their big home sales, challenges, personal life highs and lows...everything. It's entertaining...for me and my wife at least. We get to see huge homes we could only dream of living in, gawk at the huge sums of money these agents make when they sell a home...but also...we do our best to take what value we can from this show in terms of what qualities, beliefs, inspiring "col·lo·qui·al·isms" (i.e. phrases) etc that these successful agents have, say, do, believe etc....that we perhaps don't have, say, do, believe...that all ends up making them successful in their field....with the hopes we can become successful in our fields of choice.

My wife and I don't want to be real estate agents necessarily...but perhaps we can "extrapolate" something from what we see them doing, saying, believing and then apply that/those things to our own lives, careers etc.

I find these people (at least some of them) on this particular show inspiring in many respects...and so that is why I choose to watch it. One of the successful agents on this show is named "Josh Flagg". He's on the far left in the image above. He's very entertaining to listen to, both how he interacts with his customers and competing agents. As such, I highly recommend you watch this Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles show sometime to see what I'm talking about.

Now to what I'm getting at....for your benefit. Notice the headline of this post is "Free Million Dollar [X] Playbook". [X] can be anything you want it to be. Make it your life, your career etc.

On Facebook the other day, as I was scrolling through my newsfeed, I came across an ad that featured Josh Flagg promoting a free PDF eBook that he had created. It's called "Millon Dollar Agent Playbook". Having come to know Josh through his show, I was immediately interested...especially since it was free.

Again, remember...even though he's in real estate...this my opinion...always has some great life/career advice for how we should be going about things to be a success. You don't have to believe in everything he says...but there's got to be something of value coming from this would think. I mean, why is he so successful. At least I thought this way from simply watching his show. However, if he...or any other agent on one of these real estate reality shows were to put their thoughts, advice, ways to look at things etc in a free PDF ebook form...I'm all over it.

This is exactly what Josh has done for us via the below link:

If you click the link, you'll come to a webpage that looks like the following:


Again, when you see this page....Forget about Real Estate! Forget it's a "Agent" Playbook. Take out "Agent" from your mind and replace it with the variable [x]. It doesn't matter if you want to work in real estate or not at this point.

Simply input your first name and your email address on this web page.

Before you click "Get Your Playbook"...just as it says...please be advised you can unsubscribe from any further emails from his company/service at any time. You are simply doing this to get the playbook. Once you download the playbook, it is yours to keep.

Here is a sample page from the playbook:

If you look at this screenshot, you see it is a 40-page long ebook. Awesome right?!

Filter out the real estate lingo...anything to do with real estate if you have no interest in real estate...and all of a sudden you have a lot of valuable information, advice etc. Read the first line in the screenshot above, below where it says "Understanding Your Emotions". It says:

"Emotions are the backbone of your life as a high-end agent". 

Take out "high-end agent" and insert either your current job, a job/career you aspire to etc. The reality is....your emotions, and managing them is integral to many careers...including likely yours. Read further and you'll read:

"When you decide to move into the luxury market you will be scared". 

Again, take out "luxury market". Chances are, you...and I...will be scared no matter what new industry or career we decide to venture into. the text later says "Do it anyway".

Etc. Etc. You get it now I am sure.

You see...I didn't read through this whole book. Just a few minutes worth actually...but I can already see there's plenty of value in it to be long as you keep an open mind and see how much of what is said CAN apply to your life, career, situation.

Please note...this ebook is only available for a limited time! I would advise to get it while you can.

By all means, if you are interested in paying for any additional services, courses etc that he offers...more power to you. Since I like to only acquire free resources that presumably have some value...and "devour" (i.e. read through) the free resource before I even entertain the thought of paying for anything further from the associated service/company...this is a strategy you can use here to guarantee that you get something of value for free...and that you end up leaving it open without pressure on whether you will pay for anything further.

Once you get the ebook...if you choose to click "Unsubscribe" from receiving any further emails from's up to you. I received 4 or 5 emails already...and while they would apply highly to real estate agents (since this is what this ebook and his services are really marketed towards)...chances are you may find the rest of his emails non-relevant. As such, maybe unsubscribing from this emails, after downloading his ebook, may make sense. Up to you though.

All in all, I think this is a great ebook from what I can initially see...and I look forward to reading the rest of it as soon as I have the time. If I ever decide to get into real estate, Josh is definitely someone I would look towards getting advice from.

If you don't end up getting the ebook...I hope you at least check out Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. It's a very entertaining show!





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