Hello Everyone,

Have you been to your local library lately?

Do you have a library card?

I have lived in my hometown for 8 years...and up until Tuesday of this week...I had not visited the public library in my town.

My motivation for visiting my library and getting my library card was Linkedin Learning / Lynda.com and the FREE access my library was providing to it.

There's over 5,000 online courses on this website people!


On all topics you can imagine! Computer Fundamentals, Web Design, MS Office, Photography, Career Advice, Resumes etc. There's something for everyone. Years ago, I even learned web development using this online training service.

Of course, I am sure not every library system in the U.S. is providing their library cardholders access to this fantastic online learning provider. It's a shame really. However, you should definitely check out if your library is providing this access free of charge.

I signed up and am loving it. Free Quality Online Training Any Time I Want!

Just out of curiosity, I imagined for a moment that I lived in Boise Idaho. Sure enough, the Boise Public Library is providing access to Lynda.com for free. Via the following link is a page on the Boise Public Library website that shows the organizational link to Lynda.com. Check it out:


If you click on the link to Lynda.com on their website, you'll land on a page that looks like this:

As you can see, for those people who live in Boise...and for anyone who lives in an area where their town library offers this access...all you need to access their website is your Library card number and the password that the library branch will provide to you.

It works like that for me too. Easy as can be. You just have to walk into your local library branch to see if your library is with Lynda.com. Apparently, the more it's used by the people who have signed up...the better it is to ensure the valuable service is continued. Truly, if you don't use it...you lose it!

So what are you waiting for. Visit your local library today!

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