Hello Everyone,

Have I got a deal for you...and it's free.

I am a free member to AppSumo.com. Funny name for a website I know...but every now and again they have free promotional offers for educational products or online services. They also offer lifetime deals on various online software packages...but I digress.

Join AppSumo.com and get access to a free offer from a website called ReadItFor.Me.

This is a website that summarizes in text and audio down to 12 minutes, the important parts of bestseller books. So take a professional development book like "Be Fearless" by Jean Case. See the screenshot from Amazon below:


So someone at the ReadItFor.Me website bought the book and wrote up a summary of it that you can read or listen to over the course of 12 minutes.

To get access to this service, free for a year, do the following:

1. Go to AppSumo.com and register for free.

2. Find the free promotional offer for ReadItFor.Me. All their free offers are found at the following URL: https://appsumo.com/tools/freebies/

3. Get the free offer for the ReadItFor.Me website and copy the redemption code:


4. Register on the ReadItFor.Me website.


5. You will then be able to view their library of book summaries for a full year:


6. Choose one or more of the book summaries and enjoy!


Be sure to take advantage of this offer as soon as you can. You never know when the free offer will expire!





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