A Bunch of Free Online Courses

Always on the lookout for quality free online training, I typed in "Free Online Training" into Google

I came across the usual. Alison.com, Edx.org etc...and I've seen those before. I'm sure you have too. However, never settle. Always speculate that there is something new for you to find. Keep scrolling and even go to page 2...it's no big deal to go to page 2 or 3 as you never know what you'll find.

I found this link on page 2:

The link to this resource is as follows:


The page you'll land on looks like this:

Just scroll through and see what interests you.

Yes, what I found was a lot of digital marketing related material...but there is something for everyone who is looking into getting more technologically and online marketing competent.

HTML & CSS (Basic Web Coding Course) - Free

Introduction to Graphic Design - Free

Social Media 101 - Free

Getting Started with Google Analytics - Free

How to build a Startup - Free

Writing for the Web - Free

I mean, I'm going down all that is posted on this website...and there's lots of free resources. They're not all free on that web page...but all that I've posted above is free. There's lots more on that website, many free...but some not. Maybe small charges for a course or two (formerly free maybe)...but overall TheMuse has posted some amazing free training resources for you to take advantage of.

No matter what you are interested in (Library Assistant Training, Customer Service, MS Office)...just typing in "Free Online Training" or something relevant to what you are searching for....does yield plenty of free training options. So what are you waiting for?! Give it a go!


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  • No problem, glad you found them to be of value!
  • These are some great websites thank you !
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