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Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the new Experience Works JobReady Online Community Network!

If you haven't heard or noticed already, we're at a new and intuitive domain name:

Your eyes are not deceiving you: there's no ".com" in this domain name. It is what it is and we hope you find it easy to recall. ;)

It is amazing to think we started the original JobReady system community back nearly 5 years ago: May 1st, 2012.

Several thousand people visited the original community over the years and over 300 people registered. Considering the community only had it's "traffic source" from the Experience Works JobReady system and not generally the Internet as a whole, these numbers aren't bad. With this new community, we're looking to expand participation and usage greatly.

Since the old community will soon be shutting down (as of May 12, 2017) as we transition to this one, let's not forget what we're moving away from:

Notice the lack of Experience Works JobReady System branding and blue/green colors. Although the functionality, content categorization and intuitiveness was pretty fantastic on this ol' platform...not to mention that it was free to host this community all those years on the "Get Satisfaction" platform, the lack of Experience Works / JobReady branding control, limit on the number of registration methods and the inability to add new navigation menu options (and thus site content categorization options) were significant issues just to name a few. "Free is nice" of course, especially in this day and age of tight resources, but not when it comes at the expense of ensuring an optimal user experience. Bottom line, it was time for a change and it was something we were contemplating for several years in fact.

It is to this current "Ning" powered platform that we were considering moving to believe it or not. It gave us the branding and content control we desired and it has a host of powerful engagement building tools we can take advantage of for your benefit. Want to register via your Linkedin profile? We'll be able to install that functionality. Want a one-pager with all the free training options we've found over the years without having to sort through 5 years of posts we transferred over from the old community? We're going to build that too and add it to the navigation menu up top. Want a blog (that you're reading now)? Well, here it is! None of these options were available on the old community but we're able to bring them to you now. ;)

There's as much for us to discover with this more powerful community building platform as there is for you all. We look forward to continuing to bring you exciting new online free training options, insightful articles/infographics and having this serve as an efficient way to share about the new features and content we're adding to the Experience Works JobReady system. We also expect the broader Internet public as a whole to discover and take advantage of all that we're sharing here.

Feel free to not register if you like. You're welcome to just peruse all that we have available.

However, we do encourage you to register simply because you'll benefit from being notified when new content is posted within the categories/posts you're interested in. You'll also be able to engage more with the community by "liking" posts, contributing your own feedback and content etc.

Bottom line, we hope to be a reliable source for interesting and valuable new free training and career development content for years to come. Thank you for taking an interest in using and adding value to this community.

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